The meeting of EASA and INTERCEDU representatives in Salzburg


In the first part of the session, president of EASA, Professor Klaus Mainzer, introduced to the audience representatives of INTERCEDU Professor Štefan Kassay, DrSc. and PhDr. Lucia Škvareninová, who is director of education. The deans of EASA Classes and its members attended the first day of the meeting, which took place in the head office of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts in Salzburg. During discussion, important opinions on current topics were shared among the audience, which are meaningful for Slovakia, especially in the post-election period, when concrete proposals for the ministries have been submitted, but also for the society in the forthcoming decade.

The second day of the visit started with a lecture by Professor Štefan Kassay, who presented the mission of the INTERCEDU and explained in a detail how to achieve the goals of the Memorandum of cooperation signed between the institutions. The message of fulfilling the need of knowledge dissemination is always relevant not only in the European region, but also in the international communication space. Professor Kassay presented action proposal and concrete steps in order to share the scientific and popular content through the multimedia portal

Consequently, the speech by Professor Klaus Mainzer was delivered, whose ideas were fully supported by Professor Štefan Kassay. New program types were also defined for the year 2024. All activities fulfill the idea of combining the science and practice on the international level.

The dialogue between the two institutions will continue in the following year, as agreed by both parties, and more information about upcoming activities will be shared via web portals.

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