Production Processes and Innovation

The main aim of this section is to acquaint our students with the latest technical discoveries from the authors of revolutionary solutions; to present them new patents and innovations. The latest topics are also based on the richness of MM Průmyslové spektrum magazine. INTERCEDU provides valuable foreign sources, including case studies of successful technological solutions.

The Production Processes and Innovation section is based on practical knowledge. In production and service sector we find products produced in high series. At the same time, we encounter completely unique, customized products. The production process represents the transformation of inputs - such as human labor, financial, material and intangible resources or infrastructure - into outputs that have a certain value. 

Especially over the last decade, we are witnessing radical technical change that overcomes and displaces already existing technologies. This section brings expertise and knowledge about additive technologies in the production process within its full automatic mode. Emphasis is also placed on batch-oriented systems, which are used when one production facility produces several products.  Finally, it is a matter to create totally unique system called a project. Securing project outputs requires planning, control and management of sub-activities. In this way, INTERCEDU also contributes to create future technical solutions and shares the knowledge of Industry 4.0. 


Production Processes and Innovation

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