Energy and Enviromental Management

The new geopolitical and energy market reality have caused a record- high increase in energy prices. Europe and other regions appeared in the midst of an energy crisis; energy shortages are severely affecting all industries and economic activities. These events have prompted many organizations to reevaluate their strategies and shift to clean energy sources. In order to satisfy energy needs, countries with high dependence on fossil fuels will have to switch to more affordable and reliable energy system. Global community has highlighted the urgency of emission reduction in the forthcoming future.

Our courses focus on relevant environmental trends as well as ecological problems that we face in our global society. Some of these trends, such as climate change, are very familiar to general public; other scientific knowledge is delivered primarily by researchers, academicians, or specialists in that field, who share this information with us. From the development of renewable energy projects to clean energy technologies, both governments and the private sector will be expected to deploy significant capital to support the energy transition. Renewable energy deployment as an alternative to traditional energy sources is the cornerstone of the emission-reduction energy policies aimed at facilitating the transition to a low-carbon economy. 

Energy and environment go hand in hand. Our courses offer a deeper understanding of the inter-relationships between the environment and topics such as energy technology, environmental law, business strategies, policy and other areas.


Energy and Enviromental Management

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